As we say goodbye to the tiny ferry

The shores of Loch Linnhe near Fort William are a hiker’s dream. The air is crisp, carrying the tang of saltwater and the whisper of distant adventures. Walking along the road towards Inverscaddle Bay, every step feels like a dance between the rugged beauty of the Highlands and the anticipation of what lies ahead on the Cape Wrath Trail.

As we set off from Fort William, the towering peaks of Ben Nevis stand sentinel, their rugged slopes clothed in mist, offering glimpses of their grandeur between passing clouds. The loch itself is a shimmering mirror, reflecting the play of sunlight on its surface, occasionally interrupted by a solitary fishing boat or the swoop of a seabird.

The road winds along the shore, weaving through patches of ancient woodland and open vistas that reveal the breathtaking expanse of the Scottish Highlands. Rolling hills covered in heather stretch as far as the eye can see, painting the landscape with hues of purple and green, interrupted only by the occasional croft or farmhouse nestled amidst the wild beauty.

As we continue, the rugged coastline of Inverscaddle Bay comes into view, its cliffs rising proudly from the foaming waters below. The Cape Wrath Trail beckons—a trail notorious for its challenges, where each step is a testament to determination and resilience. It’s a trail that demands respect, with its unpredictable weather, remote terrain, and the sheer untamed wilderness that defines it.

But for now, at this moment, we absorb the tranquillity of this stretch along Loch Linnhe, allowing the sights and sounds of the Highlands to seep into our souls. The distant calls of seabirds, the rustle of leaves in the breeze, and the scent of salt carried on the wind—all remind us of the raw beauty and the profound sense of freedom that comes with hiking in this untamed landscape.

Ahead lies the adventure of the Cape Wrath Trail, but for now, we revel in the simple joy of this journey, letting the beauty of the Highlands guide us step by step towards our ultimate challenge.

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